Weekly Group Practices
Our hearts, and our Divine connections, are always so much stronger in a group, so it is much easier to feel and enjoy the practice together. Meditation becomes deeper, more beautiful and surrendering becomes sweeter. As well improving our connection, and our hearts learn from one another, so doing the same meditation in a group is many times more effective than practicing it alone. There is always senior alumni on-hand to ask questions of, and receive heart guidance from. This is also the place to pick up those additional topics that were mentioned in the workshops.
Tuesday  7:30-pm ~ Open Heart Workshop Practice (OHW-all levels)   Will & Jen's @ The Green (and Skype)
  Anyez & Patrick @ Valley Village (and Skype)
 Jen: 310.383.8971
Wednesday  7:30-pm-9:00pm ~ Open Heart Meditation (Public)  Will & Jen's @ The Green
 5391 Village Green
 Los Angeles, CA 90016
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 Jen: 310.383.8971
Thursday  7:30-pm ~ Mastering Reiki Tummo Practice (MRT Level)  497 E. California Blvd. #120
 Pasadena, CA 91106
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 Mary: 323.678.9004 (eve)
  Last Thursday of the month:
 7:30-pm-9:00pm ~ Heart & Healing with Reiki Tummo (Public)
 Montebello CA 90640

 Lindee: 323.459.3683 (c)
             323.723.1341 (h)

 2pm-5pm ~ Healing Clinic (1 hr sessions by appointment)
 5-5:15pm~ Open Heart Meditation (Public)
  Downtown Los Angeles  Mary

Monthly Healing Clinics
As a group we meet monthly for the donation-based Healing Clinic in Culver City, our service to provide healing in the community. These are always closed with an Open Heart Meditation for the public too. Your own development is greatly enhanced by practicing in a group. The healing energy is strengthened with more members channeling. Your heart responds and opens better, healing is enhanced and you also learn more about treating clients and other ways to improve your technique.

For more information on the clinic click here: Healing Clinic

Global Schedule
You can find the complete schedule of workshops and retreats happening worldwide at the main Reiki Tummo website here.